Do Peacocks Eat Snakes? ( Peacock And Snake Problem )

Peacocks are majestic birds –  with their royal blue coloration and their long tail feathers lined with piercing blue-green eyes.

Despite being immensely popular for the splendid courtship displays of their beautiful feathers, not many know about their culinary preferences.

Talking about their eating habits, peacocks eat whatever they can find on the ground and this includes smaller reptiles like snakes.

Do Peacocks eat Snakes?

Yes, peacocks can eat snakes. They are known to eat other reptiles, small insects and worms as well.

Peacocks can be called opportunistic feeders. They eat what they can easily find. Small snakes are a regular part of their diets. But, if a peacock finds a larger snake in its territory; it will kill the snake and may eat it. 

Do Peacocks Like Snakes?

Peacocks do not like snakes in their territory. The reason is pretty obvious.  Snakes eat eggs and peacock eggs are very easily accessible to them. So, snakes pose a threat to peacock eggs.

Peafowl makes their nests in the ground by burrowing and making small holes. The peahens lay their eggs in these small burrows.

Snakes can easily find these burrows. Naturally, to prevent snakes from harming their eggs, peacocks injure and even kill them.

Peacock vs Snake – which will win?

Usually, when a peacock and a snake fight the peacock will win. The fights between a peacock and snake are intense, but peacocks have a clear edge over snakes.

The big birds have incredibly strong legs and sharp claws. In addition to this, they have solid and pointed beaks. 

Peacocks also have brilliant senses of vision and hearing. If a peacock sees a snake, it will immediately go into defense mode.

The bird will repeatedly peck the snake with its sharp beak and may even use its claws. After a few pecks, the snake becomes bloody and unable to fight back and may even die.

But in some cases, if the snake manages to bite the magnificent bird and inject its venom, the peacock may not be able to fight the snake. 

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Do Peacocks eat poisonous Snakes?

Yes, peacocks can eat venomous snakes. 

The snake venom does not appear to affect these birds when they ingest the snake. This may be because the venom is nothing but a mixture of proteins and peptides. These can be broken down by the birds’ digestive systems.

Are Peacocks immune to Snake venom?

Peacocks are not immune to snake venom.

If a snake bites a peacock, the peacock will be adversely affected but it is not clear to what degree.

But, on the other hand, peacocks can consume venomous snakes without any harm. In fact, peacocks are known to eat baby snakes often.

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What do Peacocks eat? What is the diet of a Peacock?

Peacocks are omnivores. This means they eat everything from plants to meat. 

These beautiful birds may not look the part, but they are good hunters. In the wild, they eat all sorts of insects, spiders, small reptiles, and even small animals.

They spend most of their time on the ground and eat whatever they can easily. For this reason, they can be called ‘opportunistic feeders’. They even forage for flowers, seeds, grains, and berries. 

Can peacocks be kept as pets on farms?

Peacocks are among the most beautiful and exotic birds on this planet. They make excellent pets and can be an amazing point of attraction to your fields and farms.

Some of the reasons why peacocks can make excellent pets are:-

  • They do not ask for much care when it comes to food. They are omnivores and can feed on different insects and small plants easily available in their surroundings.
  • You can receive some love from the birds. It is noticed that peacocks show affection to their owners if raised in captivity from an early age
  • One of the things that give them an edge as pets is their highly adaptable nature. They tend to adapt well to changing climatic conditions.
  • These are beautiful birds and can offer you a majestic dance show, especially in the rainy season.
  • Since their diet consists of reptiles, snakes and insects, you will be rid of these nuances.

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Can a Peacock also kill a Cobra?

Yes, a peacock can kill a cobra. 

Peacocks and cobras have a rich history, in ancient India, kings kept peacocks in their territories to kill cobras and other dangerous snakes.

Just like any other snakes, peacocks are threatened by the presence of cobras in their territories. That’s why peacocks will also kill cobras.


There is no doubt that peacocks are beautiful to behold and that their stunning dances are sure to leave you amazed. In addition, they are wonderful to have around as they keep snakes and other small reptiles at bay.

So next time you see a peacock, remember to appreciate its unique diet and great senses of sight and hearing as well as its beauty!

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