Do pigeons eat sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are generally very beneficial to health as they promise to supplement you with many vital nutrients and vitamins. They can be included in the diet, as they taste good to eat too. Sunflower seeds are a part of the diet of vegetarian people. Vegetarian Birds like Pigeons also prefer to consume sunflower seeds as food. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Birds like pigeons are pure vegetarians, and hence they eat all kinds of seeds as part of their food. Grains, Seeds, Berries, Fruits, and greens are all types of food that domestic birds like pigeons consume daily. 

Pigeons are beautiful domestic birds that live in flocks all around the cities. People have very little knowledge about bird nutrition or their ways of living. Do people eat sunflower seeds?

Do Pigeons eat earthworms? Do they sleep in their nests? How much do they eat as a diet? Are all significantly lesser-known facts about pigeons. 

Do Pigeons eat sunflower seeds?

Yes. Pigeons eat Hulled sunflower seeds and Oiler sunflower seeds as part of their food for a living. 

Seeds are a big part of pigeons’ food, as they constitute about 50% of whatever food they consume. They are a good diet but never completes their nutritional requirement. A Balanced diet is essential for the bird to live healthy and flapping. 

There are different types of sunflower seeds available for consumption.  Striped sunflower seeds and black oil sunflower seeds are the most common varieties that domestic birds like pigeons and doves prefer. 

Pigeons prefer to eat the black oil sunflower seeds more since they have thinner shells than the latter, making the pecking part easier. They like to eat the seeds spread on the ground rather than those neatly kept in feeders. Though these seeds significantly satisfy their hunger pangs, excess consumption of these oiler seeds might cause Diarrhoea in pigeons. 

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Sunflower seeds fed to these domestic pigeons should be taken extra care for they can quickly get wet and grow harmful bacterias that might even kill pigeons. 

Pigeons fight with smaller birds that prefer to eat sunflower seeds. Little birds like sparrows, blackbirds, etc., prefer eating seed mixes that have sunflower seeds in them. These seeds are very high in energy, and hence birds feel their hunger satisfied even with a very little quantity. 

The Food they consume should not just help them to live but should help them flourish with health.

Is there any harm in pigeons consuming sunflower seeds? 

There is no harm unless the consumption of sunflower seeds go overboard.

Sunflower seeds constitute fatty acids (fat >50%) at a ratio of more than half the percentage. The high-fat rate makes the food palatable. They prefer to become satiated rather than fulfilling their nutritional requirement. 

The pigeons are bound to experience vitamin and mineral imbalances if their consumption of fatty food like sunflower seeds is excessive. 

Amino acids play a significant role in the complete nourishment of proteins in birds. Few amino acids in excess and few amino acids in deficiency will again bring the protein imbalance in pigeons. That is the reason why birds, in general, consume all varieties of seeds instead of sticking to one particular type. 

Feeding the pigeons with a primary sunflower seed diet or subjecting them to the availability of a regular sunflower diet can create an increased fat level in them and result in pigeons becoming obese. They might even experience fatty liver syndrome and find trouble with flying for a longer time or distance.   

How much food does a pigeon require? 

The Eating quantity of a pigeon varies according to its size, type of species, and activity level. An estimated approximate 30 grams of food is expected to satisfy the hunger and nutritional requirements for a day.  

The pigeons are generally capable of finding their food for hunger. Wild pigeons prefer and search for fauna seeds as their food. They make their food with the available seeds, nuts, and fruits in the wild.  

Two spoonfuls of pellets or seed mixes should be enough for a pigeon kept at home as a pet. They should be fed with food quantity in the morning to complete by the day’s sunset. If you find leftover food in their food trays after sunset, it should be a sign of overfeeding. One can easily adjust the food to be fed to the pigeons by noticing their affinity towards food. 

Pigeons prefer to eat on the ground. If you have a pet pigeon that doesn’t show interest in eating the food you give, try feeding them using a ground feeder. 

The quality of food being fed to the pigeons is more critical than the quantity. Make sure they have an intake of a balanced nutritious diet. With the above information, you can easily keep your pet healthy and happy.

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