How Do Birds Pee? | Do Birds Pee While Flying?

With every living species, the anatomy is different. Talking about bird anatomy, they are different from other species. However, birds pee but their body mechanism is different from other mammals. 

Do Birds Urinate?

Parked under a tree, where a bunch of pigeons fly, where the benches are painted in nature, you know that it will take more than just a car wash to clean that again.

The reason we don’t see bird pee is that they don’t. Well, not like in the traditional way they do. Birds pee is combined with their poop. They do have kidneys that filter nitrogen from their bodies.

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Mammals get rid of excess nitrogen by converting it to a liquid solution from their bodies that is stored in their bladder. It results in uric acid, which is expelled through their bodies in the form of Poop.

Out of all the bird species, Ostrich is one exclusive bird that pee and poop separately. Yes. They are not born with a bladder but have a pouch-like in their body that acts as a bladder.

Also, their pee changes its color/odor depending on their consumption of water intake.

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Back to the question – yes birds pee and poop but excrete their pee through poop except for ostrich.

How Do Birds Pee / Urinate?

A bird’s kidney is bigger than its body size taking up 2% of the total weight of its body. Bird’s urine comprises nitrogen waste and water that forms uric acid. 

Since, birds do not have bladders, this uric acid transfers to the Cloaca. Cloaca absorbs water to keep their bodies hydrated and the excess waste is removed through Cloaca. Thus their pee is semi-solid poop chalky white.

The white droppings that birds leave are bird pee.

Why Do Birds Pee and Poop Simultaneously?

They have a single passage. The urine gets mixed with poop in the bowels, and they throw it out in one go. Plus, they don’t have any bladders to store their pee.

So, they don’t use a washroom to relieve themselves of the pee.

Why Is Bird Pee /Poop Looks White?

When the uric acid mixes with the bird’s solid waste in their intestines, they turn their pee into white. Thus, birds’ pee is mostly white.

Do Birds Fart?

No. Birds do not fart. Since birds have short intestines and have quick working digestive systems there is no time to build gas within. 

Also, flying with a bloated belly will slow down their soaring.

How Often Do Birds Poop?

It differs from bird to bird, but they do it all day. Yes, smaller birds poop every fifteen minutes. Parrots, lovebirds, and other small-sized birds pee and poop four times an hour.

If you have parakeets, you must be aware that they poop almost fifty times daily. Larger birds are different, and they don’t pee as frequently as smaller ones. E.g. a macaw pees only once an hour or so.

Do Birds Pee In Their Nest?

Birds are smarter. They will never pee and poop in their nest but always prefer other places to do that dirty business.

What Color Is Bird Pee?

The bird’s pee color or poop color is white with slightly brownish. Since they do not have a separate passage for peeing and poop – both waste is removed simultaneously through their “Cloaca”. 

Birds convert their waste to uric acid which reduces water loss. This uric acid thus forms a white sticky paste that what we see when they poop or pee. So, the white part is their pee and their dark-centered portion is their poop.

For the birds, everything is done out of one opening, urinating, defecating, insemination, and egg-laying are done out of one opening, the cloaca.

Why Don’t Birds Pee Like Mammals?

Because birds fly they need a lot of energy to fly. Flying with a bladder full of water is like swimming with an iron ball tied to your legs.

So, birds need to wait as long as they can. Plus, as there is no bladder, it is better to poop it out. As birds poop quite frequently, the pee doesn’t hinder flying.

Do Birds Intentionally Poop On Cars?

No. If you park your car under a tree, your car will suffer. The tree is their home, and by pooping, they are using their natural toilet. It’s your fault that you parked underneath the tree. The same goes for parking lots and telephone wires.

If you park your car where they live, they will poop and tarnish the car. Before flying off, birds try to make themselves as lightweight as possible. As they pee and poop at the same time, they poop right above your car and fly off.

Why Do Birds Pee And Poop So Often?

Their digestive system is amazing. Besides, if food is available, they eat all day. Birds eat almost ¼ to ½ of their body weight. Their metabolism is also very high. They digest the food quickly and throw the waste out, painting your cars, roofs, and floors.

Is Bird Poop Good?

It is an argumentative question. Bird poop contains lots of bacteria. Dried poop contains many more of them, and if a human inhales them, it can cause several problems.

Besides, bird poop is used as fertilizer. Yes. It is mixed with compost. As it is rich in nitrogen, it can be beneficial. Do not use it directly; else, it will harm the plants.

Plus, in ancient times, bird poop was used as a facial cream. Gross, isn’t it?

In Conclusion

Birds have a different mechanism to pee and poop than mammals. In some birds, the frequency is more up to 20 times a day and in some birds is lesser. Apart from Ostrich, all the birds pee/poop, have sex, lay eggs from the one-channel Cloacoa.

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