How to Attract Pigeons? | From Streets & Wild to your house, balcony & hands

Pigeons are one of the most common birds that you can spot flying across the cities and parks. Watching them can be a fun and soothing experience. Observing them closely can bring about surprising revelations about them.  

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

All pigeons might look the same, but you would be stunned to know that there are about 300 species of pigeons. Close observation will help you identify different breeds, and the different behavior exhibited during feeding, socializing, and mating.  

If you are a bird lover, you would definitely want those pigeons to visit your balcony.

How to attract pigeons?

Read further to know about the easiest tips to succeed! 

Provide seeds and grains that wild pigeons love to eat 

Attracting pigeons to your garden or balcony is far easier than you think. It is as simple as scattering food that pigeons love to eat in your balcony, garden area, or any place where you wish to attract them.  

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You can attract them with leftovers from your house like left-over bread. But the food holds little nutritional value for them. They might feed on it due to a lack of options.  

The sure-shot way to attract them and keep them happy is to offer them their variety of nutritious food that they normally eat in the wilds. Grains like cracked corn and wheat top the chart. You can also feed them grains like millet, barley, wheat, sorghum, dried peas, etc. Seeds like sunflower, seeds of fruits, etc.  

In case, arranging these grains and seeds is a hassle, you can always order pigeon food from any online or physical pet food store. It is a special mix of all those grains and seeds that pigeons love to eat and get high nutrition from. 

Scatter food in an open space/platform, or pigeon feeders 

Pigeons love plenty of space around them and get attracted to such an area. On your balcony, you can have a large tray or even pigeon feeders. You can even scatter the food on the ground if the balcony area is open and spacious. The pigeon feeders should be accessible to the pigeons and have sides for pigeons to perch on. They can also happily feed on the ground as long as they are left undisturbed.  

Set a scheduled routine 

Pigeons are very disciplined and structured birds. Hence, try feeding them at the same time during the day. Once they realize that they would get food on your balcony at a particular time, they would keep returning at that time.  

Set up a birdbath  

Pigeons usually have dry meals, and thus, it is essential for them to drink water to wash it down. Moreover, the dry meal barely provides any natural moisture to them. 

Unlike other birds, pigeons immerse their beak in water and suck it first, and then swallow it. Hence, they need something deep to drink water from. Installing a birdbath with wide side ledges would be ideal, or you can also place a dish or tray with adequate depth.  

You must take care to clean the birdbath, dish, or tray every couple of days and refill it with fresh water to prevent the pigeons from getting sick.  

Observe the pigeons from a distance 

Pigeons are a shy and timid creature. If you get too close to them at first go, they will get scared and fly away. Hence, you must keep your distance from them when you have started feeding them initially. Try to wear the same color of clothes every day so that the pigeons get used to you and accept you as a part of their environment.  

You need to show as little movement as possible and remain still. Pigeons take some time to get used to you and thus, you must be patient.  

Make them feel secure and at home 

Pigeons get scared easily and fly away. They are also easy prey to predators like sparrowhawks, cats, etc. Hence, you must always keep your pet animals inside and away from them to help them feel secure. Feeders should be placed such that they can spot danger easily.  

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Clean the area after pigeons feed and fly away 

The left-over seeds and grains are bound to attract rodents that can lead to the growth of weed. Pigeons would also be leaving their droppings there. It is important to clean them regularly as it might bring bad luck to you and detract the birds from visiting your balcony.  

Regular cleaning will make them feel at home, and they will keep visiting.  

Plant fruit or similar trees 

If you keep potted plants on your balcony or preferably plant fruit and berries trees in your attached garden area, the pigeons would get further attracted to your place. They might even build a nest on it and that would keep them permanently there. 

Final Words  

Providing food and water in a safe environment is all it takes to attract the pigeons to your balcony or garden area. With patience, they can bond with you and even start eating from your hands. Try it out and don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

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