How To Cope With The Loss Of My Pet Bird

Our birds are not only beloved pets but are family members. Their cheerful dispositions brighten up our day. These avian companions give us love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

I have always been fascinated by birds and so are my friends.

A while back, one of them decided to keep a few birds as pets. I often used to visit the birds and they always used to welcome me happily. One day then, the inevitable happened and my friend lost one of them.

It was quite painful for my friend to deal with the death, but now we often discuss how she managed to do so. With all the information I gathered, here are 6 ways to cope with the loss of your pet bird.

How to cope with the loss of your Pet bird

1. Arrange a funeral for your bird

The ritual of a funeral can be comforting for many pet owners. It is one of the healthiest ways to process your feelings and grieve. This can be a small service to honor your bird’s life or a gathering of family members and friends. 

No matter how you have the funeral of your bird, the only important part is that it gives you the chance to say a formal goodbye.

Some people may find it unnecessary to arrange a funeral for a pet bird, but you should do what makes you feel better and helps you release your grief. 

2. Create a memorial 

Whether planting a tree in your yard, creating your pet’s photo album, or commemorating stones for your pet, you can create a physical legacy of your bird in any way you want. Some people may build online memorials to share their happy memories of them with their pet birds. 

3. Take your time to grieve

Be aware that everyone processes grief in different ways and there is no set time frame for grieving. One can take several weeks or months to get over the grieving process. You should be patient and allow yourself to experience the sentiments of grief. 

Do not ignore or suppress the pain as this will make it even worse for you. Confronting your emotions of denial can be another step in recovery. Let yourself feel the sadness but fight off depression as this may make you weaker emotionally and mentally.

4. Take support from others

Sharing your emotions with your family and friends can help you feel better and less lonely. This could be comforting and help you process the grief. It is even more helpful if you reach out to those who have gone through the loss of pet birds. 

Spending time with them while talking about your pet birds can give you relief. Online message boards and pet loss support groups are other sources to share your feelings. Concerning a grief therapist can be helpful if you feel overwhelmed, powerless, or upset.

5. Remove your pet’s belongings 

First few days after the loss of your pet can be challenging, especially when you see their belongings such as a cage, toys, feeding dishes, and other items. Keeping them out of sight may help you cope with the loss. 

6. Take care of yourself

When one goes through grief, it becomes important to self-care as this can help you in feeling better. You can explore different activities or hobbies such as painting, running, exercising, and more to light your mood and fight off depression. 

Practice self-care by dwelling yourself into the solo activities you find enjoyable. Activities such as reading, meditating, and doing something that is relaxing can help you move on. 

Some people may feel angry about the situation but holding on to it will make you feel worse. The best way to deal with it is by releasing it in healthy ways. 

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Why is losing a pet bird so painful? Is losing a pet bird like losing a child?

Losing a pet bird is so painful because the bird becomes so much more for you than just a pet. The bird can serve as a companion, remain kind and loyal, and offer unconditional love to its owners. 

The pain becomes more when one remembers their sweet morning chirps, notorious antics, and playful acts. People feel pain because they lose a little life that used to cheer them and bring smiles on their faces.

Losing a pet bird can be like losing a child, especially for owners who built a special bond with the bird. Owners that live alone with their pet bird, feel this more than others as the bird is the only partner they have and care for like a child. 

Is it normal to feel guilty after a pet dies?

Guilt is a normal feeling that arises after the death of a pet because our mind tries to make sense of what has happened and thus, we often blame ourselves for it. The feeling is a response to the loss we had. 

People who assume themselves responsible for their pet’s life, often believe that they could have prevented their deaths. The specific reason behind the feelings of guilt may vary according to the individual, but everyone almost experiences guilt after their pet’s death.

Should I get another bird after losing one? Does it help with overcoming separation anxiety?

You can have another pet after losing one, thinking of it as a new chapter, or start in pet ownership. The new pet bird will allow you to move forward from the loss and may even help you in overcoming separation anxiety.

Getting a new pet bird is a healthy way to move on from the feelings of grief. However, keep in mind that the new bird will be different from the last one. So, do not put your expectations on your new pet.

There are several reasons to share your life with another bird, but it’s better to not rush to fill the emptiness caused by your pet’s death. Take your time to grieve and wait until you’re ready to open your heart for another bird.

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How to give condolences for the loss of a pet bird for someone?

There are many ways to offer support and sympathy to someone who has lost a pet bird recently. Some of them are: 

  • Write a well-thought-out note as the words can be comforting to the person.
  • Send flowers to the person with a sweet note saying that you are sorry to hear about the loss.
  • Offer to help or host a memorial service for the pet bird.
  • Donate any amount you want to a charity related to pet birds.
  • Plant a tree or a shrub in the garden of the person in honor of the bird.

How to help a grieving bird?

The ways to help a grieving bird are: 

  • Make sure that you give extra attention to the bird than you normally do as leaving them alone may even lead them to depression.
  • Play soothing music to comfort the bird and to distract them from the death of their flock member.
  • Provide a range of new toys to distract the birds and to stimulate them mentally and physically. 
  • Place the bird’s cage in the new environment to cheer him on. You can walk around keeping him on your shoulder and explore the new spots. 
  • Provide the bird with his favorite foods to perk up a grieving and upset bird.
  • Getting a new bird can be helpful as this will fill the void left after the death of the bird.
  • Be patient with your bird and give him time to grieve.

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My bird died. What do I do with the body?

There are many ways to dispose of the body of your bird after its death. The methods may vary according to the cause of your bird’s death. The options are:

1. Burying your bird’s body

Most people choose to bury the body somewhere around their homes. Make sure you dig the grave deep so that it remains protected from scavengers.

2. Cremation

Some people choose cremation so that they can memorize their pet bird and use it as a remembrance of the bird to keep with them forever. There are pet cremation services available that one can know about through veterinarian offices.

3. Taxidermy

Not everyone would choose taxidermy, but some pet owners may want to send their bird’s body to a taxidermy studio to preserve it after death.

What does the Bible say about losing a pet bird?

The verses of the Bible about losing a pet bird say that God cares about all the creation, including pets. It states that both the pet and the owner have the same breath and so, the consequences that both will face after death are too similar. 

The Bible also says that there shouldn’t be any fear of death and the owners will move on from the loss. God remembers every moment of a pet bird’s life. 

But, do birds go to heaven when they die?

The verses of the Bible simply indicate and assure the grieving owner that their bird is in heaven and at peace. These verses give a bit of comfort to the owners who believe in god.

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