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Origin and History of The Indian Gola Pigeon:

A small but very strong homing pigeon breed, the Indian Gola pigeon is one of the ‘flight leaders’ in the pigeon community.

Its origin dates back to 1590 when it was first referenced in the tales and illustrations of Abdul Fazl, who was at the time, the grand Vazier to the Mughal Emperor Akbar, a perceived ‘fanatic’ fancier of pigeons who kept about 20,000 of different pigeon breeds in his palace.

The resilient Indian Gola pigeon, which is believed to have descended from a species of wild pigeon, was painted by prominent pigeon racer and fancier, Carl Schoelkopf as the most useful breed to farmers in ancient times. 

In Schoelkopf’s account, the Indian Gola pigeons were said to have always helped farmers in gathering and recovering spilled grains on farmlands. This, the farmers were able to achieve by giving the birds salted water to drink when they go to their abode at sunset to rest. 

It was claimed that the salted water would make the pigeons regurgitate the grains they had swallowed during the daytime, which the farmers eventually collect and prepare for reuse.

The Indian Gola pigeon was not known in the United Kingdom until in the early 1900s when J.H.W. Morgan, who was serving in the British Indian Service took some with him to the UK after retiring from the service.

New York’s pigeon fancier and breeder, W. Edison Kain, who bought some Indian Gola pigeons from J.H.W. Morgan introduced the breed in the United States. 

Kain, who crossbred the Indian Gola pigeon with other breeds to improve its squabbing potential, launched the breed into the squab production business. The Indian Gola pigeon eventually outshined the Indian Mondaine pigeon as the most prolific source of squab.

Uses of The Indian Gola Pigeon:

The Indian Gola is primarily raised for utility purposes. It is also used as a pet and can also fit in as a racing pigeon if a pigeon racer practices the breeding culture required to make it a racing pigeon.

How to Breed The Indian Gola Pigeon For Racing And Pets Purposes:

The sensitive and resilient nature of the Indian Gola never makes it a good choice for pigeon sports. Also, the adult does not make a good pet because of its love for long-distance flights.

However, breeding it for sports will require that you bring it home when it is just 10-12 days old and always feed them by hand. This practice will acquaint it with you and its roots.

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How Can You Recognize The Indian Gola Pigeon?

The Indian Gola pigeon is often mistaken for the Dragoon pigeon because of their striking resemblance. However, it has its peculiar features.

The Indian Gola pigeon is a small-sized breed of a length of 25-34cm and weighs around 400 grams(up to 1lb)

The traditional breed of the Indian Gola has a pure white body and wings, with mottled white and dark grey plumage going from below the neck to the top of its head.

The Indian Gola pigeon exists in a wild variety of colors, with grizzle and tiger patterns, and its feet and eyes are brightly red-colored.

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Where Can You Find The Indian Gola Pigeon?

The Indian Gola pigeon is most popular in its original home of India, particularly in the Taj Mahal. Though not in large numbers as it is found in its native environment, it is also present in almost every other part of the world.

The Indian Gola pigeon is most comfortable in a farmstead setting where it will have enough space to fly around.

What is The Flying Capacity of The Indian Gola Pigeon?

The Indian Gola pigeon is mostly known for its excellent flying ability and outstanding endurance. It has an average flying speed of 65.70 mph and can fly more than 10-11 hours nonstop.

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Attributes of Indian Gola Pigeon:

The Indian Gola pigeon’s attributes are summarized below.

  • It is a small but very strong breed.
  • It is an excellent flyer with high speed and unmatchable endurance.
  • It is a focused, sensitive, and very intelligent breed.
  • It is a difficult-to-train breed for racing.

What Does The Indian Gola Pigeon Feed on?

The Indian Gola pigeon feeds on seeds, grains, berries, and veggies. It also feeds on scavenged remains of food eaten by humans.

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How Many Eggs Can The Indian Gola Pigeon Lay?

The Indian Gola pigeon lays two eggs per pregnancy on an average and a maximum of twelve eggs in a year.

How Much Does an Indian Gola Pigeon Cost?

An Indian Gola pigeon costs around $200.

How Long Can The Indian Gola Pigeon Live?

The lifespan expectancy of the Indian Gola pigeon is five years on average and can live up to fifteen years.

Mating And Breeding The Indian Gola Pigeon

Being a domestic breed, human interference is very pronounced in the mating and breeding process of the Indian Gola pigeon. 

Breeders select partners based on breeds with their desired speed, flying, endurance, color, and pattern possessions before mating them.

Care Tips on Raising The Indian Gola Pigeon

The Indian Gola pigeon is a strong breed that can withstand harsh conditions. However, knowing the care tips highlighted below will make you achieve the best results of raising the Indian Gola pigeon.

  • As a result of its high flying capacity, the Indian Gola pigeon needs a very spacious habitation. Therefore, raising it in an enclosure will bar it from producing its best.
  • Although it can survive on its cultural diet of grains and seeds, adding other nutrient-based foods to the diet of your Indian Gola pigeon will keep it healthier and more productive.
  • Make sure that the source of drinking water for your bird is always kept in hygienic condition to avert bacteria invasion.
  • Inviting an avian vet to always check on your pigeon will guarantee its all-time healthy condition.


The Indian Gola pigeon is a small homing pigeon notable for its excellent flying abilities.

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This strong pigeon breed which can be found in large numbers in its native environment, India, can also be found in other parts of the world.

Despite its excellent flying credentials and intelligence, the adult Indian Gola pigeon does not make a very good pet and is not good for pigeon racing because It can not be easily tamed.

Its major use to breeders is a source of squab. 

However, it is also used for pets and pigeon racing when it is introduced to an owner at a very tender age of 10-12 days.

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