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With over one hundred breeds of domesticated pigeons, it is easy to get confused between different breeds. 

However, there is one such breed that isn’t just breathtakingly beautiful, but also unique enough to make it quite hard to forget – and that breed is named the Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon.

What is a Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon? 

A Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon is one of the breeds of domesticated pigeons that evolved as a result of years and years of selective breeding. 

In fact, to develop these pigeons, Swiss pigeons were crossbred with owls! That is also the reason why their appearance has owl-like features as well. 

How can one identify a Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon?

While the size of their body is similar to other pigeons, unlike other pigeons, they have a high peaked chest that is decorated with golden-yellow feathers. 

That is the primary reason they have ‘Gold Collar’ in their name. The crown of their head is covered in gray-colored feathers, and the majority of their body, including their feet, is covered in white feathers. 

The tail and wings can have different colors and patterns depending on the type of the Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon. They are also known to have groused legs.

How is their appearance similar to owls?

The owl-like features these pigeons possess are evident in the unique shape of their heads, their high peaked chest, and the shape of their eyes. 

Their eyes are bigger than usual and dark-colored. Also, their posture is quite similar to that of owls. 

How well do Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons behave?

Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons are one of the friendliest breeds of fancy pigeons. They are said to be so well-behaved that they are not only easy to manage but also easy to train. 

They are also known to be calmer and more obedient as compared to other breeds of domesticated pigeons.

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How can one identify the gender of Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons?

It can be tricky to determine the gender of Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons with just a look because there aren’t any obvious differences in the shape and size of the bodies of male and female birds. 

Females have wider anal vents, but it takes a closer look and exceptional eyesight to figure that out. Usually, DNA tests are used to accurately tell the gender of the bird. However, there are slight differences in the behavior that can hint at the gender of the respective bird. 

Male Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons are generally louder and more active than the female ones.

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What is the lifespan of Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons?

Because Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons are domesticated, their lifespan is slightly longer as compared to an average pigeon. 

These pigeons usually live for around 10 years, but with proper care, can also live up to the age of 15 years.

History and origin of Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons

These birds were first bred in the nineteenth century in Lucerne, Switzerland. This is what gave them the first half of their name. 

Known to be the descendants of the rock pigeon, these beautiful pigeons are a variety of Swiss Lucerne peak crested pigeons. 

The Lucerne pigeons further have seven breeds, and the Gold Collar pigeon is just one of them. 

Types of Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons

To determine the type of Lucerne Gold pigeon, it is important to take a good look at their wing patterns. 

There are three types of wing patterns in these pigeons – Barred, Barless and Checkered. 


Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons that have two black or dark gray colored lines running parallel to each other on their wings, come under the ‘barred’ category. These lines (or bars) are located toward the end of the wings.


As their name suggests, these pigeons don’t have any bars or lines on their wings. They usually have plain, white-colored wings.


These wings have a pattern that is similar to the checkered pattern. Hence, they are called checkered wings. These wings usually have more deposits of color (mainly black or dark gray) from the top or middle to the end. The rest of the wing is colored white.

Here is a table to further simplify the distinctions:

Wing Pattern TypesDescription
BarredHave 2 black or dark gray lines toward the end of the wing.
BarlessHave no pattern on the wing – just a plain white color.
CheckeredHave a check-like pattern on the wings.

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Breeding tips for Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon:

Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons are mainly bred for their magnificent gold collar and color aesthetics. Hence, it is really important to breed them in such a way that the color is maintained. 

While breeding, it is extremely important to take note of their wing patterns. 

Here is how we can breed different types of Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons:


In order to maintain the barred pattern on the wings, a barred Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon can be bred with another barred one, or a barless one. 

Because barred pigeons carry more color reserves, it is safer to breed them with either a similar pigeon or a barless one, so that their color pattern can be maintained.

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The safest way to maintain that barless color background is to breed two barless pigeons together. This will make sure that you get the desired results. 

However, one can also breed a barless pigeon of the desired color with a similar pigeon having a shade darker. This will also help keep the ideal barless pattern intact.


Checkered Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons have the most amount of color reserve. Hence, it is generally safe for them to be bred with either of the types to get the desired outcome. 

This is because other types don’t carry as much color as the checkered ones do, and this makes sure that the offspring retains the checkered pattern.

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An important point to remember:

Checkered Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons should not be bred with either barred or barless pigeons if the desired outcome is not the checkered pattern. 

Other breeding tips:

If the purpose of breeding is to retain the golden collar, then a pigeon with the desired collar should be bred with another with a similar or slightly narrow collar. This makes sure that the offspring carries the collar exactly the way it was intended to be.

Also, those pigeons whose collar goes around and into the back of the neck should ideally not be used in breeding.

What should one feed a Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon?

Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons have similar dietary and nutritional needs as other pigeons. Their diet should be rich in a variety of seeds (at least 3-6 types of seeds), fruits (except avocados), vegetables (except lettuce and celery), and beans. 

Are Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons good pets?

This breed of fancy pigeon is one of the friendliest pigeons to be found. They are extremely good at making friends, not only with other pigeons but with humans as well! They are easy to train and are extremely affectionate – making them a wonderful pet to be had.

What are Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons good for?

The beauty of these pigeons makes them excellent to be used for ornamental purposes. These pigeons are often used at events, shows, and exhibitions to elevate the charm of the place. Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons are also highly preferred as pets.

Can one eat a Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon?

A Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon is not ideal for consumption. Moreover, their small to medium-sized body doesn’t produce enough meat to be adequate enough to be consumed. 

How much does a Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon cost?

Being one of the fanciest pigeons, Lucerne Gold Collars are not inexpensive. They cost at least a few hundred US Dollars, depending on where one lives. The cost can further rise depending on the cost of importing these birds.

Where is the Lucerne Gold Collar pigeon found most commonly?

This elegant bird is most commonly found in Switzerland – its native place. However, it has found a place for itself in many countries across the world as it can live well under most climates.

Interesting facts about Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons:

Excellent aviators

Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons are excellent at flying. They can fly high at a fast speed, and for a longer period of hours. 

Many Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons can be seen in a lot of flying shows and exhibitions as well. This is because their muscular mass can carry their small bodies easily.

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Loving parents

These birds are great at being parents and taking care of their offspring. 

In fact, they are known for being there for their offspring at all times. In this case, both mother and father are equally attentive toward their offspring.

Peace lovers

Not only are these lovely pigeons great at making friends, but they are also great at maintaining those friendships. 

They are known to not fight or participate in fights with other pigeons or other birds. Moreover, they like to stay in a group with other pigeons.

Lucerne Gold Collar pigeons aren’t special just because of their unique appearance, they are a living testimony to how selective breeding can lead to the development of birds that can further enhance the beauty already available on this planet in abundance.

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