Pigeon Chicken Hybrid | Cross Breeding | Is it Real or Fake?

You probably have recently come across a new bird species called the pigeon-chicken hybrid. Well, the pigeon-chicken bird is rumored to be produced in China in 2017. 

It looks like pigeons on the upper part, but their lower part is like chickens. 

In this post, we are going to talk about the pigeon chicken hybrid, their origins, appearance, how they are born, and everything in between.

Pigeon Chicken Hybrid Real Or Fake?

There are many hybrid birds that exist, such as beefalo (bison × cattle) and red-factor canary (Serinus domesticus × Carduelis cucullata). 

Now, if a hen mates with a male pigeon, then the pigeon’s sperm can make a hybrid breed. Giambattista Della Porta was an Italian polymath and playwright from the Renaissance era who lived in Naples. 

He claimed to hold the record of producing the chicken pigeon breed or hybrid. 

However, the report is highly controversial since there are pigeon breeds that look like Maltese, Modena, and Runt pigeons and resemble chickens.

There are Japanese Bantam with a huge fantail, and they look like pigeons and chicken hybrids. 

But Modena pigeons are also known as chicken-pigeon hybrids because they look short-round as well as tall-stretched that somewhat resembling a chicken-pigeon hybrid. But the pigeons that you have come across on YouTube or TikTok are just some birds like Maltese Pigeons. 

They look like cross-breeds, but they are not. Generally, pigeons and chickens are incompatible with each other, so they cannot breed. 

Just like dogs and cats cannot ever be related to each other, chickens and pigeons are different from each other.

Can a Chicken Breed With a Pigeon?

Young pigeons might be with a hen, but they won’t produce a cross-breed. The reason is turkeys and chickens are born in the same family, and pigeons and chickens are not. 

Chickens are born in the Phasianidae family, and pigeons are born in the Columbidae family. If the mating between turkeys and chickens doesn’t produce a cross-breed, then the mating between Columbidae and Phasianidae is impossible to produce one.

But when you saw a pigeon chicken hybrid, it was a person who was helping a male pigeon to mate with a female hen. 

Therefore, the whole pigeon-chicken breed is a misunderstanding, and so was Giambattista Della Porta’s claim. Only mating does not guarantee to cross-breed. 

Is There a Chance of Chicken Pigeon Hybrid?

If you follow the Neapolitan scholar, polymath, and playwright Giambattista Della Porta’s claim, then it is possible to create a chicken pigeon hybrid. But the situation is quite very unlikely. 

If you consider genetics, then you can easily understand how impossible it will be for a chicken to birth pigeon-like chicks. 

If the two birds looked similar to each other, it might be possible. So, if it comes to Maltese pigeons and Florentine, they might resemble chicken pigeon hybrids, but they are in a way misunderstood. 

When you separate the different parts of a chicken and pigeon, then you will notice that they have wings, feet, heads, etc., and they look similar. The same thing happens when you compare seagulls to pigeons or parrots to pigeons. 

When it comes to genetics, it does not matter what body parts the animal has because all animals have 70% of similarities, but it does not mean that the animals belong to the same family. 

Even humans and chimps have 98.8 percent similar DNA, but they can never breed. Interbreeding is not that easy, and it is the same with other animals as well. 

How Did People Start Talking About Chicken and Pigeon Hybrid?

Ancient people used to eat pigeons a long time ago, even before they started eating chickens or kept pigeons as their pets. 

Seafood and pork come with food poisoning risks, but pigeons and chicken were not that risky for humans. However, during World War 1, eating pigeons was considered a court-martial offense, and it was also an offense to shoot the bird. 

However, pigeons also have broad breasts like chickens, and they look like chickens when they’re plucked and dressed. 

Many people also think that pigeons taste like chicken. That’s why so many people started to believe that the chicken and pigeon hybrid might exist. 

Will We Ever See a Chicken Pigeon Hybrid in the Future?

To create a chicken pigeon hybrid, you will have to engineer the birds genetically and have to change how they look. 

You will have to change the looks of the birds so that they don’t look like pigeons and chickens anymore. 

Moreover, neither pigeon nor chicken can carry or produce each other’s eggs, and even though there is so much advanced modern technology available, you cannot use technology to mature the eggs. 

Therefore, you will possibly never see a chicken pigeon hybrid for sale in the future. 

Do Pigeons Have any Negative Impact on Chicken?

Pigeons and chickens coexist, but they also have conflicts with each other at times because they have different lifestyles. 

However, both chickens and pigeons drink water and the same kind of food, but if you keep the two of them in your house, then you will find them competing for food and water and start fighting over the same. 

Even chickens can kill pigeons or baby pigeons, and when you keep both of them inside your house, you will always have to constantly look out for them. 

Furthermore, both pigeons and chickens can bring serious diseases to your home. When they stay in the same place at the same time, the chances of viruses and diseases increase. 


It’s better not to think about a chicken pigeon hybrid because of the obvious reasons we have mentioned in this post. 

If you are considering adopting a chicken and a pigeon, then you can just try to keep them in separate parts of the house so that they don’t see each other that often. 

Some pigeons try to get along with chickens, but when they do, the chances of serious viruses increase, which is why it is not recommended.

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