Pigeon vs Parrot | What are the Differences & Similarities?

Pigeons and parrots are effortlessly beautiful, and both make a good pet. But when you talk about ‘Pigeon vs. Parrot,’ who wins?

Over the years, pigeons and parrots have been living with us. And they feel unquestionably comfortable around us more than any other bird. These two birds don’t resemble each other much, but they are no doubt the best pet birds you will ever find.

Here we’re going to talk about the most notable differences between pigeons and parrots. 

Are Pigeons Smarter than Parrots?  

Pigeons are smart; they can be even smarter than parrots. Yes, you may probably know that pigeons can come back to you even when you send them miles away from home.

They have this instinct in them that helps them find their owner’s house. And this instinct even works when you cover their eyes with a piece of cloth. On the other hand, parrots are smart too. They can learn any language and manners you teach in just a couple of days span. 

Pigeons have a sense of self, which is not found in most animals. A study showed that if a sticker was put on a pigeon and the pigeon was able to see the sticker in the mirror, then the pigeon would immediately remove the sticker.

This means that pigeons can recognize that they are seeing a reflection of themself in a mirror.  

Pigeons can also be potty trained, but they can’t be taught to talk like parrots can.

Are Pigeons and Parrots Similar to Each Other? 

No, Pigeons and Parrots are not similar at all.

Though both are birds, have wings, and can fly, they are not similar. Pigeons are a species of birds that belong to the family Columbidae.

Parrots belong to the family Psittacidae. These birds differ in looks as well. Pigeons are usually bigger and broader than parrots.

The common rock pigeon is usually gray in color with dark-colored bands on the wings. The most common parrots are bright green in color, with red beaks. These birds are quite thin and slender.

Parrots are a close relative of falcons, and pigeons are related to flamingos. People think that pigeons have a relationship with crows, but the reality is different. 

Pigeon vs. Parrot, Can We Eat Their Eggs?

Yes, we can eat pigeon eggs. Same with parrot eggs as well. We can eat their eggs too if we want, but they are quite small. So you can’t really prepare an omelet from a single egg, you need a number of them. However, some people ask whether eating pigeon eggs or parrot eggs are safe or not. Well, it’s completely safe. As long as the egg is coming from a healthy bird, you can relish it any time. 

What are the Unknown Facts about Pigeons and Parrots?

A parrot can live up to 30 years, while a pigeon only lives around 15 years or less. Pigeons have no difficulty finding their foods as they find most of the things tasty. On the other hand, parrots are very particular about their diet. You can give them seeds, veggies, berries, grains, etc. Rest, they will find on their own. Another fun fact about pigeons is, they can recognize themselves in the mirror. This makes it clear how smart they are.

Which Parrot is the Best for Home? 

There are various types of parrots species, and personally, I find all of them excellent. Cockatiels and budgies can make a good pet. But you can also adopt an African grey, which is highly intelligent. 

Are Pigeons a Good Pet?

If you want to keep a pet and want no problems at all, then keep a pigeon. They are well-mannered, calm, and quite intelligent. You won’t have to worry about losing them as you know they will always come back home. 

Pigeons are domesticated birds. They are not destructive by nature and if you leave them unattended for some time, they will not squawk and scream and pull out their own feathers. They are calm and can be left alone for some time.

Parrots on the other hand can be loud and destructive. They like to constantly receive attention and this can be a problem when you have a job that keeps you occupied.

Are Parrots Lucky for You?

Well, this one is for those who believe in astrology. According to Vaastu and Feng Shui, if you can feed parrots every day, they will bring good luck. However, this doesn’t mean you will have to buy a parrot. You can even visit the zoo for that.

Which One Makes a Good Pet, Pigeons or Parrots?

If you can take care of a pigeon, they will act like a dog. You can order them to do things, keep them near you when you need them.

You can also teach them tricks, and they will be as good as ever. They love being held and petted by the owner, and they are loyal enough.

However, parrots are a little arrogant compared to them. They crave luxury, which you can tell by looking at their attractive feather and intelligent mind. 

These are the main differences between Pigeon vs. Parrot. But if you adopt both of them, you may find some other differentiation.

My recommendation is, to buy a pigeon and parrot at the same time if you have enough budget. Then note which one you like the most.

If you are fond of keeping your space clean or just don’t like dealing with messes, you may want to keep a pigeon.

Even though we perceive pigeons as messy birds that make messes everywhere, the reality is that pigeons are very clean birds.

You will have to clean their cage from time to time but that will be enough to prevent the spread of any disease.

Another advantage is that most diseases that can infect pigeons can’t be transferred to humans. This means that you don’t have to worry about yourself or your children and family catching anything from your pet pigeon.  


Having learned a lot about pigeons and parrots, we can conclude that both birds are amazing.

Pigeons are found across the world and are known to be highly clean and trainable birds. This is why they have been used in the past to deliver messages and for bird shows. 

Parrots are beautiful and vocal birds. What sets them apart is their ability to talk when they are trained. They are highly energetic birds and need a lot of care and attention.

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