Trumpeter Pigeons | Breeds and Types, Care & Maintenance | Interesting Facts

Pigeons are very beautiful and intelligent birds. When it comes to keeping them as pets, several exotic breeds are available in the market. 

One of them is Trumpeter Pigeon. Originated in the United Kingdom, this fancy bird can be seen in exhibitions and at pigeon fanciers’. 

Presently, this bird is found in several countries of the world. It is a show pigeon that is known for its feathers and distinct look and voice.

What Do Trumpeter Pigeons Look Like?

Trumpeter Pigeons have a distinct look with lots of feathers all over their body. They have a crest above their head, but it stays bent backward, so their face is clearly visible. 

They have large feathers on their feet, which grow as large as their flight feathers. It makes them look beautiful. 

They also have feathers on their neck. When they walk or fly, they present an adorable sight. 

Trumpeters are found in various varieties. There are Bokhara trumpeters who have a long crest that covers their face. There are double-crested trumpeters. 

The English trumpeters also have feathers between their eyes that pop out. They are found in different colors such as black, black and white, yellow, etc., which are classified under self, baldhead, and splash. 

History Of English Trumpeter Pigeons

English Trumpeter Pigeons are indeed English. They originated in the United Kingdom. They belong to the family Columbidae, but they are also descendants of rock pigeons like several other fancy breeds. 

They originated around the 1600s after several years of selective breeding. From English countries, they reached America. In the USA, they became very popular, and several other colors and forks originated. 

Today, the Trumpeter Pigeons you see are not native to the UK. They spread from America. 

If you wish to see the original English Trumpeter, the UK is the best place where you will see the original Trumpeter.

Can English Trumpeter Pigeons Fly?

English Trumpeters have large feathers on their feet, so it’s hard to fly or even move. 

Besides, over the years of inactivity, they have become lazy, so they are not good fliers. So, they are show pigeons, who are bred for show purposes or for domesticating purposes.

Types Of Trumpeter Pigeons

Trumpeter Pigeons are found in many colors. They have been classified as Self, Squash, and Baldhead based on their colors.


This Trumpeter Pigeon can be called a two-colored trumpeter. It is a uniform color on its entire body, but only its head and feet are white. 

It looks beautiful with its matte, clean finish on the entire body and a white head poking from under the crest.


The Self English Trumpeter is a beautiful type. They are single-colored birds found in many colors like white, black, gray with shiny green necks, yellow, etc.


These pigeons have splashed feather coloring such as blue on white, small white feathers on sandy feathers, black and white, etc.

Trumpeters are also classified based on their feathers.

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Bokhara Trumpeter

This pigeon has a crest so big that it covers its entire head. Unlike English Trumpeters whose crest is bent backward to expose their head, Bukhara’s have a feathered crest that indeed covers their eyes.

Double-Crested Trumpeter

These trumpeters have a double-crest behind their necks. That’s why they are called double-crested trumpeters.

How Big Are English Trumpeters?

It is a small-medium-sized bird that weighs approx. 230-280 grams. They are approx. 11 cm in size.

Breeding Trumpeter Pigeons

Breeding Trumpeter Pigeons is not easy. They are lazy birds who don’t wish to move, fly, or breed.  They mate like other pigeons and lay 2-3 white eggs. 

If you plan to breed Trumpeters, you must have some prior experience. Also, be ready to take care of their babies.

  • The first thing you can do is take them to a vet and get vaccinated. Pigeons are prone to infections during pregnancy. You wouldn’t like your baby chicks to get infected.
  • Then make them a house and lay soft bedding. Keep the couple separate from the other birds.
  • Offer them fresh and healthy food and water.
  • Once they lay eggs, do not disturb them. They may be lazy, but their motherly care is not dead.

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How Much Does a Trumpeter Pigeon Cost?

Trumpeter Pigeons are more expensive than other pigeon breeds. The price is based on their rarity and the breeder who sells them. 

On average, they cost approx. $100-$300. But this price is not fixed. The Bokhara pigeon costs $500, which Is way more than an average English Trumpeter.

Trumpeter Pigeons As Pets

Apart from the show and ornamental purposes, these birds also make good pets. They are calm and shy birds that are not aggressive. 

They were bred to be domesticated, living peacefully among humans and other pigeons.

If you wonder whether they are dangerous, no, they are not. They are very shy and will take their time to be friendly with you.

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What To Feed Them?

Since they are domesticated pigeon breeds, they eat seeds, grains, corn, fresh veggies, fruits, a protein diet, and palette food available in the market. 

It is also suspected that they might also eat insects since they are rock pigeon descendants.. But what your Trumpeter Pigeon eats depends on what you give it.

How To Take Care Of Them?

If you are raising them for exhibition and shows, their feathers and color is something you must be very careful about. Only the right color splashes, weight, size, and appearance wins.

If you are keeping English trumpeters, follow the instructions below to take good care of them.

  • Make them a big loft so they can spread their wings.
  • Make them an aviary. Even though they are not very flight-loving birds, they still need some space and exercise.
  • Position their cage in such a way that they receive some sunlight during the day but can seek shelter whenever required.
  • Clean their cage every day. Remove the droppings, the straws, and the bedding material, and lay fresh straws.
  • Keep fresh water for them every day. Wash and sterilize the water bowl every day. Most diseases reach the birds from their water and food bowls only.
  • After they have eaten, remove their food bowl and empty it. Wash it, and place the food in a fresh one the next time.
  • Install soft perches in the nest. Also, place a deep cup-shaped bowl in their nest to accommodate nesting. Since they have large feathers on their feet, they find it difficult to incubate the eggs. The nest bowl would help them.
  • Also, help your bird take a bath every week in lukewarm water. It is essential to keep their feathers healthy and shiny. 

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What Is The Use Of English Trumpeter Pigeons?

This breed was bred for show purposes. It took several years of selective breeding to breed this pigeon for show purposes. 

Even today, it is mainly used for ornamental purposes.

Interesting Facts About Trumpeter Pigeons

Here are some fun and amazing facts about the English Trumpeter Pigeon.

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Why Are They Named Trumpeters?

They are named Trumpeters because they use a distinct drum-like sound with high and low notes. 

It is louder than other pigeons’ calls and often sounds like a trumpet. Their voice is the reason behind their name.

Lifespan Of An English Trumpeter

The average lifespan of a Bokhara Trumpeter is guessed to be 5-7 years. The exact lifespan of an English Trumpeter is considered similar or close.

Do They Live In Pair?

Pigeons are social birds. They love to live with other birds. So, if you are bringing home an English Trumpeter, bring a pair of males and females. 

The new member will love it if you have other birds at home.

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Where Do English Trumpeter’s Live?

The modern breed is an American fork of native English Trumpeter Pigeon originated in the UK. These birds are found in various countries across the globe. 

They can be seen at pet fanciers’ places or in households. They are a popular breed among pigeon lovers.

Are They Going Extinct?

No. This bird is not listed as a protected bird on any bird conservation organizations’ lists. It is a commonly found bird and is not extinct, unlike other pigeon species.

Is It Legal To Keep An English Trumpeter As A Pet?

Yes, it is legal to keep them as pets.

Should I Get An English Trumpeter?

There is no harm in bringing an English Trumpeter home. If you have prior experience of keeping birds, it will help. 

These birds don’t require any special attention, and thus, even new pet parents can also keep them.

Several details have been shared above for your help if you have any questions in mind. You can also consult your vet or another pet parent. 

These are beautiful birds and friendly too. Keep them happy, safe, and clean, and you won’t regret bringing them home.  

It was all about English Trumpeter birds. If you have something to add, please help make this article information-rich. If you have any questions, please do ask.

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