Types of Pigeons | Here are Some of the Rare Fancy varieties

Have you ever wondered why among many birds, pigeons make the best pet of all times? It’s not because of their rare beauty alone, but also because of their loyalty, resilience, and friendly nature. You may also know that pigeons used to work as messengers. Of course, it was famous during the era where there was no internet and telephones. But putting aside all this knowledge, what else do you know about pigeons? Well, there are more than 50 species of pigeons in the world, but that’s a lot to take in. That’s why I am going to show you the 15 most fancy types that you might have noticed at some point in your life.

Types of Pigeons

1. Frillback Pigeons

The Frillback Pigeons have curled feathers around their wings and feet, too, sometimes. Frillback Pigeons are common, and you can see them everywhere, but they differ in colors as they can be red, gray, black, or white. You can also notice them as per their quality of curls which is higher than any pigeon species. Frillbacks are also judged by their sizes of heads and bodies, which differ from pigeon to pigeon.

2. Tippler Pigeon

This, Tippler Pigeon, you have seen everywhere, in the rooftop of houses, to be precise. Tippler pigeon is a type of pigeon that originated first in 1845 in England, and they are a crossbreed species between Homing and Cumulet pigeon. Like Frillback pigeons, you will find Tipplers in competitions and exhibitions as they are known for their intelligence and strength. They come in a range of colors starting from gray to white and weigh around 10-20 pounds. They can fly for 20 hours non-stop, so if you train them well, Tipplers will never disappoint you. 

3. Black German Nun

Pigeons have many categories, and according to their classes, they can be categorized as utility, fancy, and flying or homing breeds. Black German Nuns can adapt themselves to various conditions and environments, and they are also very easy and inexpensive to maintain. 

4. Barb Pigeons

The Barb pigeons were first seen in the 1600s. They have a medium-sized body with a small face but what separates them from other types of pigeons is their wattle around the eyes and beaks. The wattle takes a couple of years to develop, and when it does, it becomes bright orange and fleshy and flowerlike. It looks like finger rings when you take a close look at them.

5. Jacobin Pigeon

Jacobin Pigeon is a fancy type of pigeon that has selective breeding. You may have seen them somewhere as they originated in India and is one of the oldest pigeon breeds of all time. They have a feathered hood over their heads, and their heads are hidden with six feathers. And for your information, the pigeons look fluffy, but their feet are bare. They are mostly used for exhibitions, and apart from the white color, you can see them in blue, black, yellow, and silver colors. 

6. Ice Pigeons

Ice Pigeons are one of the many fancy pigeons that you may have noticed. They usually come in gray with purple- and green-painted necks, but they also have the rare icy blue color in their body. Apart from their fancy color, Ice Pigeons are also great participants for extra-long sports game competitions. 

7. Roller Pigeon

Roller pigeon is one type of fancy pigeon that first originated in the 1870s, and they somewhat look like Jacobins. These birds have long wings; they are aggressive, bold, and are domestic pigeons. This type of pigeon was developed with selective breeding techniques, and they weigh around 10 pounds. They can come in many colors, especially white, black, grey. 

8. Old German Owl Pigeon

You can easily distinguish German Owl Pigeons by their look and color. As the name suggests, they look like owls and originate in Germany. They come with a lightweight and charming appearance with white and silver mainly, and many other colors. People use them as pets and for exhibition purposes. 

9. Helmet Pigeon

Helmet pigeons first originated in the 15th century and became instantly popular due to their unusual appearance and unique charm. They can be trained and adapted and kept as pets. You can only find them in white color, though. 

10. Dragoon Pigeon 

Dragon pigeons are mostly known for racing competitors and exhibitions, but they can also be kept as pets. Their appearance mainly includes blunt beak and broad wedge head, always active and bold. You can find them in Black and blue-bar, blue check and white.

11. English Trumpeter Pigeons

These birds look like lazy and fluffy pigeons. However, they are fluffy but not lazy. They look good and are kept as pets in the US. Their most distinguishable feature is the large muffs on their feet which can be big as their feathers. However, the feathers on their feet can make it difficult for them to breed.

12. Archangel Pigeon

Archangel pigeons are one of the most expensive pigeon species in the world. Their value lies mostly in their outer appearance, which is quite fascinating. They come in Black, white, blue, and bronze-colored with shining heads, which helped them make a great pet.

13. Capuchin Red Pigeons 

The Capuchin Red Pigeon is cute and has an elaborate head crest. It has a ring of feathers around its neck that helps them become a great fancy pigeon species. They first appeared in Dutch during the 1500s, and nowadays, they can be seen anywhere.

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14. Pouter Pigeons

Pouter pigeons have different varieties such as Brunner pouter, English pouter, and pygmy pouter. All of them are known for their heights and muscular necks.

15. Opal French Mondain

Opal French Mondain pigeons somewhat look like doves and appear as calm, but they are more bold than patient. You will mostly find them in racing competitions and rooftops as a pet. 

You can keep any type of pigeon if you like because, at the end of the day, when you lose them, they will come back to you. This is a great similarity of all types of pigeons.

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