Why Do Crows Caw At Night? | What Happens If You Hear A Crow At Night?

If you hear a crow cawing at night, it is either they are in distress or think that they are in danger. It may also be that they are sensing a predator nearby and trying to warn their mates around them.

Since the creaming of crows is pretty common during the daytime, hearing it at night seems odd.

The chirping of birds early in the morning is pleasant and soothing. And when it comes to the sound of crows cawing at night, it surely sends danger signals. Hearing bird noises at night startles most of us. If you take it as a superstition, people say that the cawing of crows in the middle of the night is a sign of an unfortunate situation. 

Crows evoke many feelings in humans, ranging from curiosity to fear. They are often associated as harbingers of bad news and death because of folklore and superstitions.

There are countless superstitions about what happens if you hear a crow at night. While some of us believe in superstition others tend to defer.

Why Do Crows Swarm In The Evening?

When crows or any birds swarm together in the middle of the night or evening, they are trying to stay alive. Maybe they have sensed a predator near them, and they are trying to gather together to make it out alive.

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It may also be that they want to hunt in the middle of the night or want to make babies. 

But it’s typically the first situation. You will see a swarm of crows at the treetops, and they all have only one intention.

Crows try to stay away from owls, ravens, hawks, and eagles, so if any of those are nearby, they will gather together as a team and will drive their enemy away.

Why Do Crows Make Sounds At Midnight?

Alerting The Flock

Crows belong to the corvid family and often live in large groups. They are attacked by larger birds such as seagulls and bats. Crows caw loudly to alert the flock about the danger and ask for reinforcements to fight the predator. 

The appearance of a New Stray Animal

Sometimes hearing a crow caw at night will alert you about the presence of a new stray animal in your locality. It may be a new street dog, snake, or leopard. Crows make sounds at midnight to warn their flock and other creatures of a threat nearby. 

Changing Seasons

The behavior of crows changes according to the seasons. A sudden change of seasons agitates the birds and is one of the reasons why crows caw at night. 

Artificial Lights

The artificial lights in the city disturb the day/night perception of birds and disorient them. This makes the mob called the other members of the flock by cawing loudly. 


Crows also tend to caw in the night when their partner or fledgling is injured. They caw to scare away any stranger coming near the nest, especially when there is a fledgling in it. 


Crows are gregarious birds that like to communicate with other birds in the flock. So if crow caws, other birds reply. However, if you hear a solitary crow cawing in the midnight, it can be due to separation from the flock. It might have gotten lost and was trying to communicate with other birds in the flock by making loud sounds. 

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Sense Spirits or Negative Energy

It is believed that crows can sense spirit activity and subtle changes in energy. So some people say that cawing of crows at midnight brings misfortune or death. However, this is a wild superstition with no proper evidence. 

Crows generally roost on treetops or on terraces of buildings to protect themselves from predators. They congregate in large flocks called Murder and stay together to stay safe. They work in groups and have a lookout to warn them against impending danger or threat. So when you hear a crow caw at night, it most probably is an alarm call to warn the flock of a predator.

Are Crows Out At Night?

Yes, crows can be out at night, but it’s unlikely. In the daytime, crows can gather and stay together as a gang and hunt down their food. But during the nighttime, they are mostly defenseless and try to stay in their nests. 

But if they see an enemy nearby, they will unite together and seek a spot from where they can see clearly.

They also choose a spot that’s good as a shelter, and they can even visit the nearby town from their rural area to keep themselves protected. That is the crows cawing at night science.

Do crows fly at night? 

Crows generally avoid flying at night. This is mainly because it is hard for them to identify threats in the dark and they may end up being dinner to other predatory birds such as owls, ravens, and hawks. They fly to the same night roost every evening to find the safest place for them. They scuffle among themselves to find the topmost branches that are perfect nightspots. 

They fly out early in the morning in small groups in search of food. They are intelligent birds and communicate with each other to inform each of them about food, impending dangers, and predators. So we can safely say that crows cawing is just their way of communicating among themselves and with other creatures around them.  

What Happens If You Hear a Crow At Night? Is It Good or Bad?

Crows are labeled as “harbingers of death,” but it does not mean that cawing of crows is a bad thing. If they are cawing at night, it simply means that they are in danger and not you or any human nearby.

So whatever crows at night superstition you have heard is possibly not true because they are simply a superstition. 

Sometimes crows caw at humans to ask for something from us, such as food, security, or anything. Crows are deemed to be intelligent birds, and hence, they can also carry a spiritual message with them when they are cawing at you.

If you see a few crows cawing at you, give them food and water since that is the best thing you could do.

Many Crows Cawing at Night, What Does It Mean Spiritually?

If you want to stick to the crows at night superstition, then you might as well learn what many crows cawing at night mean spiritually. If the crow is your spirit animal, when it caws at you at night, you may feel a connection.

It is maybe that the bird is trying to send a message to you. When this happens, try to pay close attention to what it is saying. 

Record the cawing if possible and listen to it when you are free. Crows are sensitive to spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. So, if you have them, you may feel connected to a particular crow or a row of crows. 

Why Do Crows Caw at Night Outside of Your Windows?

It is not known why crows sit outside of your windows and start cawing at you. But the possible reason is they want your attention so that you can protect them from their enemy.

Crows feel like humans are their biggest enemy, and that’s why they want to spend time with you as much as possible. They want to know you so that they could read your intention. 

If a crow is cawing at you continuously, they are trying to protect themselves from you even if you don’t mean any harm to them. They are simply mistaken. So, just feed them some water or food, and they will feel comfortable.

Now that you know why crows caw at night, you can forget the superstition and feel safe when you hear the sawing noise.

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