Do Peacocks Eat Lizards? ( Peacock And Lizard Facts )

Peacocks are one of the birds in the omnivore family.  Although it largely feeds on grains, seed heads, flower petals, and anything that falls in the family of arthropods, it also feeds on insects and reptiles, and amphibians. You may be wondering if the lizard is one of the reptiles that the peacock loves to … Read more

Is It Legal To Own A Peacock?

It depends on where you live. If you live in the US or Canada, you can own a peacock. If you live in India, there are specific rules.  Since it is India’s national bird, you cannot cage it or kill it. You can’t even keep it as a pet in India.  As per Wildlife Protection … Read more

Why Do Peacocks Dance In The Rain? Peacock Dancing Facts:

There is nothing more mesmerizing than to watch a peacock spread their incredible eye-spotted tail feathers or train and perform an elaborate dance. But, of course, you have a higher probability of witnessing peacocks dance if you spot them in a rainstorm.   It’s a widespread belief that the peacock dance is a signal of the … Read more

Peacock vs Turkey | What are the Key Differences and Comparisons?

Peacock and turkey are two distinctive and the largest land-dwelling avian creatures. Both live in different parts of the world; encounters between them are nearly impossible. Both birds can be easily distinguished based on their body features, traits, appearance, and plumage colors. Let’s discuss the difference between them and determine who would win if they … Read more

Can A Chicken Hatch Duck Eggs And Raise Them?

Yes, a chicken or you can say, a broody hen, can hatch duck eggs and raise them. But do it only if you don’t find any other option.  Why?  Because a hen and a duck are different, the mother-child relationship won’t be the same for chicken and ducklings as it will be between the duck … Read more

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds