How Do Ducks Sleep? Facts About Ducks Sleeping Habits | Routine and Schedule:

Like humans, animals and birds also end their day with a good night’s sleep to regain the lost energy through daily activities like flying, swimming, feeding, or foraging.   Ducks are non-aggressive, peaceful, and vulnerable birds because of their inability to fly. Ducks are in a defensive mode even while resting and their muscular protection systems … Read more

Do Birds Eat Pumpkin Seeds? Is That Safe For Them?

Birds are an environmental indicator that plays a critical role in maintaining the ecosystem as they have many roles in agriculture, pollination, plant distribution, and biological conservation.  Birds and small mammals are considered as the seed consumers of the ecosystem.  In simple words, a healthy bird population leads to a healthy ecosystem. We must take … Read more

Do Birds Have Good Eyesight! The Real Case Of Their Vision.

Do Birds Have Good Eyesight

Scientists say that birds have the most powerful eyesight among animals, humans, and birds.  Since the evolution of the birds, their strong eyesight has helped them a lot to evolve and make it through the physical world, which is full of dangers for them.  Some birds can spot their prey from miles away. But what … Read more