Do Birds Eat Ants? Are Ants Good For Birds?

Did you know, the tiny ants that just move in a line, are a very essential part of a bird’s diet.  You will often find birds scraping the ground, or just putting their beaks into the sands, and wonder what they are doing.  Yes, birds eat ants. Ants are abundant in numbers and thus serve … Read more

Do Birds Attack Drones? | Drones vs Birds

Drones use has become quite common all around the world. These aerial vehicles are participating in a wide range of activities from military applications to recreational and commercial use like food deliveries.  These aircraft systems are being experimented with for several other purposes, indicating the time when more of these aircraft will take to the … Read more

Do Birds Hibernate Or Migrate? | What Is Torpor?

Hibernation is a term most commonly referred to the wild animals and not birds.  When harsh cold winters knock on nature’s door, both birds and animals develop different strategies to keep their temperature warm.  This guide is all about whether birds migrate or hibernate. Do Birds Hibernate Or Migrate?  You must have seen different exotic … Read more

How To Comfort A Dying Owl?

Owls fall under the category of raptors that reside and hunt independently in the wild. Keeping them in captivity is neither legal in most of the countries nor recommended generally as taking care of them is quite a task. However, you may help an injured or dying owl if you find them outdoors.  This summer, … Read more

Aspergillosis In Birds: Causes | Symptoms | Treatment | Diagnosis & Prevention

Aspergillosis is one of the most commonly occurring fungal infections found in birds, in particular, turkeys, ducks, parrots, penguins, chickens, waterfowls, etc. The young birds are majorly affected by the disease, though older ones can also be infected if they lack immunity.  What is aspergillosis in birds? Aspergillosis is a non-contagious fungal infection that commonly … Read more

Can Birds Be Gay? Do Birds Show Homosexual Behavior?

Ever wondered that homosexuality is not limited to humans? Did you ever think that birds can be gay too?  Yes. If you think that birds can also display homosexual behavior, you are right.  Researches show that birds can be homosexual in courtship, sex, pair bonding, affection, and even parenthood. Birds have been observed to have … Read more

Do All Birds Have Feathers? Learn Facts About Bird Feathers

When you look at a bird, you never differentiate between feathers and wings. They are often termed synonymous in general conversation, but they are not.  Feathers are the small soft covering that covers a bird’s body. It is the same as fur. But it is important to understand that it is not called fur. They … Read more